A duty to sustainability

Climate change, growing globalization and the scarcity of valuable and finite resources are issues of both today and tomorrow. As a family company, we are committed to sustainability. For us it starts with the right location decision. We believe that products in the medical technology and industrial sectors with high quality and delivery reliability are required (and will continue to be required in the future) and therefore we put our support behind the manufacturing locations "Made in Germany". The short delivery routes to our German and European customers form efficient supply chains and reduce CO2 emissions. For us, sustainability means prevention and efficiency; we are already pursuing these ideas when developing technology, processes and materials for new products. In addition, we handle resources such as material and energy carefully. We have been implementing material cycles ("circular economy") for reuse with our partners for years. To ensure long-term efficiency, we use implementation methods such as PDCA and quality tools such as 8D.
We are not perfect, but we continually improve ourselves in this area. Our commitment is acknowledged by certificates in the area of energy management DIN EN ISO 50001 and environmental management DIN EN ISO 14001. For us, this is an important contribution to our customers, society and the environment

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