You’re interested in working at a family/friendly company?

As a future-oriented family company, it is particularly important to us that our employees and colleagues can optimally combine family life and work. Our families and children represent the future of our society and we, as a company, therefore attach great importance to the work-life balance of our employees.

You’re interested in working with a creative team?

Are you a creative mind who wants to enrich our team with your ideas and drive? Then you will be right at home with us - as a modern technology-oriented company WE are continuously striving to develop ourselves and our team. That is why we attach great importance to innovative ideas and like to explore new routes, together!

You would like a career?

The career ladder is tempting for many people. Everyone receives a chance to climb it with us. Whether experienced or at the beginning of your career, we support and encourage our employees to develop their talents and to be able to make use of them.

You would like to follow your calling?

Work can be a vocation! If you are particularly good at something and the passion for what you do drives us forward, we would like to support you in using your talent in a meaningful way. We would welcome your commitment and the benefit to us as a team!

You want to (further) develop yourself?

‘To stand still is to lose ground’ - If you are of the same conviction as we are, we look forward to encouraging your development. We continuously promote and develop our employees by imparting skills, efficient processes as well as norms and values.

You would like to work for a company with values?

Our actions are driven with the goal of pursuing positive values and norms and thus making a contribution to the common company and society. We pursue values such as sustainability, equality, paying attention to ideas and opinions, as well as successful work in a team. Through implementation of lean processes, optimal structures and flat hierarchies, we see ourselves as a modern company with traditional values.

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