The key to success in project management is a combination of speed and precision

In order to implement customer-specific solutions within a tight and predetermined time window, every project (whether an inquiry or a new project) is handled by our professional project management. In doing so the objective is clearly defined. Measures are tracked through action plans and internal company points of intersection ensure a stable work flow.
The foundation stone for quality and the project is laid in the project phase. Throughout the project, the focus is placed on customer requirements and this perspective is transferred to the selection of materials, technologies, processes. To ensure quality and minimize risk, modern processes and methods such as simulation and mold flow analyses, advanced quality planning, elements for risk reduction "FMEA", and much more, are used.
In the planning of plastic or hybrid material assemblies, we intelligently combine components from the planned in-house production and components from suppliers. We integrate systems and our network partners in order to create additional value for our customers. We connect the value chains using smart logistics.
For projects with assembly technology, we rely on smart solutions for all series - whether small or large. Manual, semi-automatic and fully automated solutions are created here. Deciding on the degree of automation for each project depends on quality, costs and the time allowance. One thing is certain, everything is possible. Customer service and professional coordination with our customers is the foundation for speed and high quality in the execution of projects.

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