Business development ensures technological progress through the networking of innovative minds in pursuit of sustainable customer benefits.

Business development is a strategic division of Walter Potthoff GmbH. We look for for business ideas in the areas of technology, materials, processes, applications, products and markets. We see the benefits of working with network partners and start-ups. We offer modern entrepreneurial processes with global market access, industrialization expertise, resources, networking and free office space for creative minds and teams. We are looking for someone who would like to work towards making a difference and improving that which already exists. Contact us!

Targeting integrated development within the company

A flexible, engaging and forward-thinking company makes for an attractive partner and is well positioned for the future.
Accordingly, “Made in Germany” products, technologies and processes must always be revised to reflect the newest standards
In principle, we support development processes in the technological area. This is done by implementing the use of:
  • new materials,
  • new technologies and procedures,
  • the combinations thereof.

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