Functional plastic components and solutions for industrial technology

We think about the considered, because as a family-run full-service supplier, we recognize that ideas exist to be implemented. Included in that is a systematic development process with the goal of selecting injection molds, materials and manufacturing processes with automation solutions in accordance with requirements. Customers of Walter Potthoff GmbH can rely on our decades-long development of capabilities in the field of plastics processing to realize their own projects with a plastic-compatible manufacturing solution and the highest possible quality.

Feasability is a combination of experience, knowledge and technological capability

In the product development process (PEP), we advise customers in a varied and systematic manner, addressing feasibility, quality and cost-effectiveness as part of risk management. We follow the basic principles of object-oriented design in terms of quality (design to quality) and construction (design for manufacturing).
In order to implement the development process as quickly as possible, whilst maintaining standard of quality, we also employ external experts from the areas of research and development as required.
Advice is provided along the entire chain of production - whether for a completely new development (technical revolution) or a product improvement or successor (technical evolution).

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