Plastic products and system solutions for medical technology

Our business is dedicated to quality, innovation and technology. Alongside plastic components and assemblies, we also manufacture commodities designed for medical application in fields of health care such as dialysis and diagnostics. Our production takes place in modern manufacturing environments such as clean rooms according to ISO 14644-1:2015. For decades, customers have placed trust in our know-how in development, planning, optimisation and production of medical products. They profit from our cooperative innovation and experience with neighbouring business domains.
The process begins with the selection of raw materials and proceeds in the engineering phase. In the developmental phase, process-specific sources of error are detected and minimised. Custom product solutions for components and functional assemblies are manufactured in the ultra-modern production environment, likewise under clean room conditions.
As a full-service provider, Walter Potthoff produces and develops plastic products and tools with multicomponent and hybrid designs for muntifunctional requirements. According to customers’ wishes, our plastic products are:
  • of reliable quality
  • user-friendly
  • hygienically clean to sterile
  • cost effective

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