Walter Potthoff
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Walter Potthoff GmbH is a high-performance system supplier in plastics processing and a development partner for plastic-based product solutions. With a focus on quality and innovation, we are also internationally regarded in medical technology, electrical engineering, and the packaging and finishing industries. We are known for high-precision, customer-specific components, assemblies and systems.

As a full-service supplier for plastics processing, we pool together all of our expertise. This includes our competence in development, design, tool-making, agile injection molding production, as well as a wide range of installation and after-sales services. We accompany our customers from the idea design to the production stage. We see our role of providing ideas as a invaluable resource for our customers. We work with you to develop an economical and practical product and process concept based on your requirements. With our specialized network partners, we can offer a product-specific solution for every technical challenge.
We leave nothing to chance, but impress with a unique combination of technology, competence and innovative strength. One of our special core competencies lies in the selection of materials suitable for the application. As such, we can incorporate our knowledge in product development.
Material know-how makes your product more stable, enduring and safe.

Since 1972, we have firmly established ourselves in numerous industries as development partners and initiators for plastic-based solutions.
With our branded products Eloclamp © and Eloclip © we manufacture chemical-resistant clamping elements for the electroplating and anodizing industries. Our clamping elements are made of high quality plastic and resistant to aggressive media. All of our products are highly resistant to chemicals and extreme temperatures.


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