Satisfied customers as a result of quality, innovation and technology

The customer resides in the center of our daily work and we strive to satisfy them by optimally combining quality, innovative strength, team spirit and a constant drive for improvement. We use elements from quality management, lean management and industry standard 4.0 in all areas of the company. Our products are innovative, our processes are streamlined and our machines and systems are standardized. Walter Potthoff GmbH is certified in quality management (DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN ISO 9001), as well as environmental management (DIN EN ISO 14001) and energy management (DIN EN ISO 50001). Our teams are diversely composed and motivated to continuously develop our company and deliver the best solutions for our customers. We pledge sustainability. As a family company, we take our social responsibility seriously and recognize the long-term commitment to Germany as a manufacturing location as an important contribution to this sustainability. We believe that companies in Europe also need suppliers from Europe in order to find efficient solutions over short distances and to sustainably further business in harmony with the environment. Efficiency and short distances are a good basis for sustainable environmental protection.

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