We build complex injections molds

The development of both simple and complex injection molds and their production takes place in Walter Potthoff GmbH’s tool shop. This is where your product idea takes shape. Before the start of series production, the first prototypes can be produced using a 3D printing process, because we don’t leave anything to chance. Our expertise as a full-service supplier enables us to create tools that are custom built for the production processes necessary in the manufacturing of plastic components for medical and industrial technology.
In the tool shop of the family-run Walter Potthoff GmbH, filigree tool concepts are implemented in high-precision working solutions with the latest technology.
  • Single component tools
  • multi-component tools
  • hybrid tools
  • inlay tools
  • tools with cube technology
  • stack molds
  • multi-cavity molds

Tool development:
Regarding simulations and close contour temperature control

After the development phase, a product and production-specific tool concept is developed. As part of the concept development, the feasibility is also reviewed and classic errors such as shrinkage, malformation, filling behavior etc. are eliminated on the basis of tool and filling simulations. At the same time, the tool is optimized, for example through the use of materials for the wall thicknesses, the optimization of the injection point or the optimal coating of the tool surfaces. This avoids costs by avoiding complex and costly correction grinding. The implementation of close contour temperature control using a variety of techniques is considered in order to optimize the part quality.

You give us your CAD data - we’ll take care of the rest.

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