We manufacture the perfect plastic part, assembly or system in a clean room or according to industrial conditions.

Plastic processing with a focus on thermoplastic materials is Walter Potthoff GmbH’s core competence. We also have expertise in assembly, testing and packaging technology. We produce single and multi-component plastic components and hybrid assemblies under clean room according to ISO14644-1:2015 and/or standard manufacturing conditions. Together with our customers, we define the exact requirements for our processes and technologies. The customer has the opportunity to help shape their requirements with the help of "Design to Cost" and "Design to Quality" methods. Quality, innovation and technology are in the foreground here to ensure the highest standard with reproducible quality at the lowest manufacturing costs millions of times for medical technology and industrial technology.
Modern plastic components and assemblies for medical and industrial technology which correspond to state-of-the-art in injection molding technology, meet the highest demands in terms of mechanical functionality, design-oriented optics and haptic properties. Thanks to our expertise in the selection of materials, we can mold almost any request into shape. The plastic/plastic or metal/plastic combination in conjunction with specific material mixtures offers a wide range of future-oriented options for the series production of individual components and assemblies.
In particular for medical devices or components for the electronics industry, we manufacture in a reduced-particle environment under clean room conditions according to ISO14644-1:2015.

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